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BIOGRAPHY – Barbara J. Dunham

Barbara’s art education began when her first grade teacher encouraged her parents to send her for formal training at John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thus began an artistic journey that took her through many states, outside the country and back again, and finally to Atlanta and collage/mixed media.

After taking her first collage class and experiencing a connection with the medium, she was immediately drawn to magazine pages. "It was exciting to be able to take this discarded, ordinary material and make fine art," says Barbara. Her inspiration came from the magazine advertisement backgrounds, colors and textures. Using a
painterly style with an impressionist twist, she used this everyday, ordinary paper to create landscapes and abstracts that fooled the eye.

With more instruction and experimentation, she added paint, oriental papers, found materials, yarn, sand, eggshells, etc. The list of materials constantly expands.

Today, her art journal is filled with inspiration gleaned from all things external translated into collage/mixed media terms. The idea is then joined with the internal creativity to form the impressionist and abstract collages she produces. "I have truly followed my passion and there is blissfully no end in sight." - Barbara Dunham



Atlanta Collage Society – Founding Member, President 2008-2011
National Collage Society – Member, Southeastern Representative
International Association of Assemblage & Collage Artists - Member
Society of Layerists & Mixed Media - Member


Studied with:

Mira Lehr
Chery Baird
Nita Leland
Kay Powell
Billie Shelburn
Mary Todd Beam
Carrie Burns Brown
Cecil Touchon




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Contact Barbara J. Dunham at bjdunhamartist@gmail.com  or 770-512-8198.
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